Friday, January 25, 2013

Make It Crafty Blog Hop - Happy Australia Day

 If you have arrived here via the Make it Crafty Blog Hop, welcome to my blog. If you happened on this post and are not aware of the blog hop, welcome to you as well, and I invite you to check out the other great designer blogs to see their creations for Australia Day. You can start HERE.

There is a great surprise as part of this blog hop. There is a hidden price included on one of the blogs. So leave some love for each of the bloggers for your chance to win...

The Entire Australia Outback Collection!

One of the great things about being a craft blogger is the great people I get to meet from all over the world. The world becomes a lot smaller when you meet people who share your passion. 

I have also had the opportunity to learn more about the different traditions from around the world, and today we celebrate one of those traditions. Saturday, January 26, is Australia Day. When Zoe challenged us to make cards for an Australia Day Blog Hop, I was intrigued. How do they celebrate Australia Day. I did a little research, and found it is very much like the Fourth of July in the US, but with a different flag. Lots of fun in the sun, fireworks, parties, face painting. Great fun!
I really wanted to represent the Australian flag in my creation, so I took Enchanted Unicorn from Make It Crafty and an Australian flag, and combined them in Photoshop. Here is the result...

In order to make the lines show up, I had to lighten the flag. I also added some hints of shadows and ground the image with Copics. 

I used Microsoft Word - Word Art to create my sentiment. I included some chippies because I just LOVE chippies!

From here, you can go visit the store blog. And don't forget to leave some love for your chance to win!
Just in case you get lost, here is the blog hop order: 
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Julie -  (you are here)

Thanks for stopping by today!


Corinne said...

What a fabulous job... just love the way you incorporated the two images... just FAB!!

Jillee said...

My first thought was WOW! This is magical! and so, so different! Wonderful :D

BlackBird said...


Irene's Creations said...

How cool. You did a wonderful job.

Мария Воробьёва (Mashanya) said...

Cool! Wonderful card!

JenniferD said...

Wow what a Great Idea! Love it! Happy Australia Day to you!

papillon digital design said...

Great idea superimposing the flag on the unicorn. Happy Australia Day

Fiona Powell said...

Love your concept. It came up really well.

PashaCou said...

What a delightful card! It came out so cute.
Thank you for sharing it with us.

Anonymous said...

I cant believe that you thought of something so creative and gorgeous. Your colouring is wonderful and using the paler blue you have maintained the beauty of the unicorn.
Rob I

Amanda R said...

What a neat idea Julie! I need to hop around and check out everyone elses posts too.

Kimberli Sarsfield said...

Wonderful idea and way you incorporated the images together:)

Sally Richardson said...

Awesome job - combining all the elements to bring together the celebration of Australia Day.

Sammi said...

Wow.. What a fun idea!! :)
Happy Australia Day :D

Olivia said...

What a fantastic the way you use the flag and horse.

Mary Lou said...

Clever thinking Julie!!!! Happiness to you and I soooo agree with your statement ......The world becomes a lot smaller when you meet people who share your passion.
God Bless

Gretchen said...

Such a clever idea. I like the sentiment you used too.

EmbossingQueen said...

What a great way to 'colour' the Enchanted Unicorn. Bonza job!

Granmargaret said...

Lovely card Julie. Thank you for sharing

Adriana Morales said...

I've never seen anything like this. Very clever! It looks awesome :)


Jane said...

Wowee Julie, this is awesome!

Sparkly Engineer said...

Outstanding card. Wish I had a few techie abilities.

Unknown said...

What a brilliant idea! You did a gorgeous job!!!